carmen_mariaBEST.smWe are still currently in the process of uniting with the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association to help manage and operate the Conservatory.

The synergy between Friends of the Bloedel (soon to be the VBGA Bloedel Committee), the VanDusen Botanical Garden, the Vancouver Park Board and the shared vision of horticultural and curatorial excellence needs to be nurtured and protected. This coming year will bring us many challenges as we continue to work to enhance and reinvigorate the Bloedel Conservatory. With continued support from citizens of Vancouver, British Columbia and beyond, the next phrase of our efforts are sure to succeed!

Our Goals will remain the same :

1. To fundraise in support of the Bloedel Conservatory.
2. To provide marketing and public relations.
3. To improve revenue streams.
4. To develop and provide public programming and education.
5. To protect the legal interests.
6. To provide similar or related services as recommended by our membership and executive.

Thank you all for your unwavering support!


Should you get the Calgary snow removal men in?

Calgary is situated just 50 miles or so to the east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. Its continental climate means that it can get mighty cold in winter and can in fact experience snow at pretty much any time of the year. In winter temperatures get down to about an average of -6.8 degree celsius although they can easily reach below -30 degrees on particularlu cold days. This happens quite rarely however (about four or five days a year). Snow is dealt with on a regular basis and most people in Calgary are pretty good at preparing for it and dealing with it. It needs to be removed from your drive way and from the roads. Many people also try to remove it from parts of the garden. Removing it on a regular basis makes it much easier to move about your front yard as well as getting the var in and out. You could remove it yourself. There are lots of snow blowers and shovels out there that are designed for domestic use and many people just put one in the garage for when they need to use it during the winter. Often it is not a huge amount of effort and if you get into a routine then it doesn’t have to seem like too much of a chore. However, there is always that question of whether you should get theĀ http://www.propertywerks.ca/snow-removal.html men in?

Snow removal is not just about your own personal convenience and safety. In many cities and towns it is a legal requirement to clear sidewalks within a certain amount of time or they will face fines. For commercial properties it can go as far as being a liability issue. More often than not, it is worth at least considering getting in the professionals. They have all the best equipment and can do the job quickly and easily. It doesn’t require you to do anything at all and you can live stress free for a period while they get on with it. Further, if anything goes wrong, you can contact Property Werks and get them to sort it out.

If you do make the decision to get the snow removal guys in then you should be sure to sign a contract before any works commence. This is partly because of the legal implications if anything were to go wrong after or during them completing the works. You should be very clear on the terms of the contract. For example, should they use asalt or sand and when and where do they need to clear?

When it comes to the choice of snow removal companies in Calgary you are spoilt for choice as lots of cleaning companies will also do snow removal. Do a quick internet search or look in the local newspaper and you are sure to find a lot of options. We suggest, as always, however that you go for someone who has been recommended personally to you.

Tips On Stucco Repair Calgary

stuccorepairsWhat is it about this cement like siding that would need repairs? Perhaps you too are wondering if it were possible for the stucco material to actually need repair, but just like anything else it goes through wear and tear. Sometimes the cracks and the holes require expert stucco repair Calgary Alberta.

Although it may seem like a simple kind of repair and that there is no need for a stucco specialist or a mason for that matter, there is a lot of risk that comes with you personally handling stucco repairs. Making this a DIY project can be a kind of risk that could end up into a total disaster waiting to happen.

The way to handling these types of repairs depend on a lot of different factors. First, the expert will look into the extent of damage that has been done. When the damage is already too big, a more complex procedure may be required. However, if the extent of the damage is very little, then a simpler solution might do the trick. Gauging what type of stucco repair needs to be done will depend on the assessment of the Calgary expert. After all, it is what they do best.

Second, the nature of the damage will also help you tell the kind of repair process the expert might actually take. Although the options are aplenty, but the experts will be able to make a sound assessment as soon as they see the damage that has been incurred. It is through their assessment that you will learn what you can expect the expert to do and how they would do it. This will also help you identify how much you should be paying them.

Third, when fixing large holes, make sure to not try to do it yourself. Although you may have read about it a couple of times, reading does not make you an expert at all. Reading educates you as a homeowner, but it does not make you an expert in Stucco repair. Leave that to the real experts in Calgary. They can do the job better than you, not to mention that their choice of process is always the right one.

The challenge is not only to ensure that it gets fixed. It should look like how that part of your home has never gone through damage or repair at all. Can your DIY stucco repair do it?